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Passionate independent winemakers, our estate is established in Scherwiller, in the heart of the Alsatian vineyard since 1958 and transmitted from father to son in the purest tradition.
Ideally located on the Wine Route, at the foot of the castle of Ortenbourg (XII ° s.) And Haut Koenigsbourg, the terroir of our estate is gravelly or granite.

We practice reasoned culture, certified TERRA VITIS, to maintain and enhance this heritage with the aim of offering it to future generations.
We work with happiness and simplicity to create unique wines from our own vineyard.

Discover our traditional range of wines.
Enjoy the fruit of our granitic terroir, the RITTERSBERG, and the SCHERWILLER appellation, which comes from the early grave terroir.
Splash of joy with our Crémants d’Alsace. Let yourself be seduced by the seduction of late harvests, our great sweet wines.

Our family production, artisanal and confidential represents a few tens of thousands of authentic and typical bottles.

Vins Ruhlmann
Cagette vins Ruhlmann Alsace
Bouteille vins Ruhlmann Alsace
Originally a lumberjack, Gilbert RUHLMANN works in the family farm where his father was already making wine.
In 1958 the majority of his production was already sold in bottles.

In 1962 he moved to Scherwiller following his marriage. At that time only 3 grape varieties were grown on their small farm.
In the 70s, these lovers of the earth specialize in viticulture and build the current winery.
In the 80s, the 7 grape varieties of the Alsatian terroir are grown on the estate and in 1984 the first Crémant d’Alsace wine is produced.

During the 90’s the vineyard is growing.
The eldest son, Guy, completes his graduate studies in oenology and takes over the field.
In 2000, Pascal, his brother arrives after his studies in viticulture.
The acquisition of new parcels in Rittersberg and Ortenberg allows to develop the range of local wines.

In 2014, our passion remains intact and the estate is certified TERRA VITIS.